Hopecoin the charitable token.

80% of funding is going to a good cause, the rest will be spent on fees , marketing and wages for people who have contributed with their work to this project.

Private sale is live Pre sale starts in:

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ICO Track
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ICO Benchmark
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Holder ICO

Tokensale Stages

Private Sale
Live untill Pre sale

1 USD = up to 20 HOPE

up to 100% bonus

5,000,000 HOPE

(up to $500K )

May 30th, 2018

1 USD = up to 15 HOPE

up to 50% bonus

10,000,000 HOPE

(up to $1.5 million)

June 30th, 2018 - May 31, 2018

1 USD = up to 12 HOPE

up to 20% bonus

35,000,000 Tokens will be sold in ICO sale, totaling 52Mil Tokens for all tokens created.

What is HOPE Coin

HOPECoin is a Waves based asset token.  80% of crowdfunding will be donated to charity, and reported in our News section Be charitable and recieve a token , which we will work for implementing in trading systems.

Why did we choose WAVES wallet and tokens over the standard ERC20 token?

  • Instant transfers
  • Lower fees
  • Simpler wallet
  • No wallet updates every day
  • Secure ,safe and simple token

Our Bounty Program

Earn hopecoins by sharing our ICO on you facebook twitter, or other social media pages.

Tokens will be distributed calculating the ammount of real followers your page has.

Token Structure

Distributed to Community
Founders and Team
"Bounty" campaign
Cost of 1 token HOPE: 0.1 USD
Term of token sale: 75 days
Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible, Not Reisuable
Technical limitation of tokens: 52,000,000
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (ВТC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments
Hardcap: $5,000,000

1 HOPE token price

0.00001 BTC

ICO Participants



June 2018
Start of PRE Tokens Sales
July 2018
Donation event for the presale funds
September 2018
Development of the token and implementation of trading systemems.
July 2018
Start of Crowdsales
August 2018
Donation event for complete funding

Total Budget Alocation

  • 80% Donated to charity
  • 12% Fees and costs
  • 8% Marketing

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